T-shirts exhibit style and flare in a man, particularly if it is worn correctly. If a man does not know how to wear a t-shirt, no matter how expensive the t-shirt is, it’s all a disaster of sorts. The journey of the best way to dress a t-shirt starts from how one selects the right t-shirt. Let’s have a look at some of the most points to look out for when selecting a t-shirt.


This is the epitome of a great style. We often spend time making sure that suits have the dimensions, it is also important to place the same keen eye on selecting the right t-shirt too. Always ensure that you fit yourself and know the exact fit of t-shirt you are looking for.


This is one of the least known methods of identifying the right t-shit. It is a simple trick that can save you a lot of time when selecting the right t-shirt for your body, the seams which attach the sleeves to the body should align with the ends of your shoulder rather than extending to your lower arm. In case the seam is close to your neck or hanging down your arm that is not the correct fit for your body.


A t-shirt is not supposed to be too tight or too baggy. It is not good to have drape like clothing on your body, making you look like you are dressed in pajamas. If you dress in tight t-shirts you will look like a desperate kid seeking for attention. If you have a good shape and a great build, a tighter option is more appealing. If you have some extra weight on you, a looser fit will suit your style. Do not overdo either sides to avoid looking funny.


When you are fitting a shirt, always look at the bottom hem to be just below your hips to cover your waistline. If you dress in a t-shirt that is any shorter and you are in an occasion, you will at one point expose your back or belly when you are bending. In case you are dressing in a linger fabric, you will be headed toward a robe or a night gown.


The sleeves of your t-shirt should always hit halfway up your arm. If your sleeves extend farther down, you will look proportional if you are short.


There are two main types of t-shirts, crew neck and V-neck. Each one has its own time to shine, since they all work best depending with the entire outfit one envisions.


If a t-shirt is made from 100% cotton that is the best choice you should go for. If you happen to get a polyester material, it is also a decent option since it increases static, easy to undress but also prone to shrinking easily. Synthetic t-shirts wick perspiration easily but not good as a workout wear. Thicker t-shirts are more substantial than thinner ones which look sloppy.


T-shirts have recently become the definition of a casual wardrobe. This does not mean that you dress them without thinking. These points will help you pay attention to any t-shirt you come across, making you look great and sharp.