The t-shirt is a unisex shirt that got its name from the t formation of the sleeves and body. The association of a t-shirt is that it is a fabric with no collar, a round neckline, short sleeves and no buttons. They are easy to clean, easy on the pocket and quite light.


The t-shirt was issued in during the 1898 Spanish-American War by the U.S Navy. They were to be worn as underwear underneath the uniform. It was later adopted by the Army as a mandatory uniform worn mainly by recruits. Other industries also adopted the t-shirt including the agricultural sector, dock workers, miners and construction workers as well, as it was conducive to be worn during warm weather.

It was also adopted by mothers for their sons due to its light weight, for playing and chores. It was formally placed in the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary in 1920 as an official American –English word.

In 1942, printed t-shirts were limited in use and the Air Corps Gunnery School T-shirt made its first appearance in Life magazine.

The first branded or printed t-shirts were for the film Wizard of Oz, as they were the first collectible t-shirt made. Few years later, Mickey Mouse printed licensed Tropix Togs, by a company in Miami, Florida. The popularity of t-shirts rose in the film A Streetcar Named Desire, when Marlon Brando, it then became a style to wear it as an outer garment.

T-shirts later became a trend in the 1960’s that were used to convey messages, for commercial advertising and for souvenir messages and protests. In the 1970’s, designs made on the t-shirts were as popular as they are now.


The designs on t-shirts be began eons ago, there can be traced back to Ancient Greek and Roman eras, most likely the Sumerian civilization too. Crude style paint over fur outer garment was done to show one’s status in the community.

T-shirts have been used to make different slogans and statements. There are one word t-shirts that are mainly worn to pass on a message, make one smile, happy, sad or cause a reaction from other people. To wear a t-shirt as a way of expressing one’s feelings is also a trend; it is a way of showing what the wearer feels. Big companies use t-shirts for displaying their brand name, as it is iconic and vintage too.

Some of the most iconic designs seen on t-shirts include the Rolling Stones tongue and lips logo, Kiss me and, I’m Irish St. Patrick’s Day slogan and the famous I love NY, the yellow happy face among other slogans. Popular designs also included the standard tie-and-dye t-shirts.

The designs also came in different styles and cuts with varying fabrics. Some options that were added include tanks, baby doll, spaghetti strap, V-necks, A-necks, raglan, camisole, polo and a dozen other styles.

T-shirts are a great way of feeling comfortable and can be used to express oneself to the society.